I love hearing a good story.  I'm always impressed by anyone who can weave a tale that's full of colorful details and emotion, and tell it in a way that flows so naturally! For me, telling a good story is what photography is all about. It has given me an amazing way to express myself creatively and to share all the details and emotion I see around me.  It's also been a path to awareness and knowledge, connecting me to unfamiliar people, places, and situations.  When I'm documenting life with my camera my heart skips a beat whenever I photograph a gesture, a look, or a moment that's genuine and heartfelt. And when I see those moments in amazing light, well, my heart sings! Whether I'm photographing a wedding all day or a family just spending an afternoon at the park, I'm there to document and to creatively capture expressions of real connection. Everyone has a story and I'd love to tell yours! 

Other fun facts: I was born in Kenya and named after a character in a Russian fairy tale. I'm excited by any opportunity to travel, especially with my camera.  I also love crunchy spicy tuna rolls, graphic t-shirts, Chucks, and all sorts of stationery.  


Thanks for stopping by and looking at my photographs. If you appreciate clean, authentic, fun images and think we'd be a great match please get in touch.